Sunday, July 7, 2013

Luis and Heather's FAMILY

Luis + Heather + Amy + Alyssa + Diego makes a lovely 5 // International Family Photographer

Once upon a time there was the perfect woman. She was lovely, genuine, intelligent (she's an architect ladies and gentlemen) and people noticed her everywhere she went. She was truly different and
soon she began to be an important tool to changing people's lives. Boy met this girl and was in love. He thought about her and thought about her then thought about her some more. He told me all about her and I loved her too. I wished that she would love him back so we could keep her in our lives forever. One day Boy confessed his love for her and promised to be her ninja, to protect her,
to love her and to be at her side forever. Fortunately for all of us she loved him back and said YES to all of it.....I am proud to say that Boy is my brother and that the beautiful woman became my sister. They were inseparable then and they are inseparable now. They have weathered storms together and have ended up in such a sweet life, surrounded by laughter and hope for an eternity together! I am so proud of them and love them with pieces of my heart that I didn't even know existed. They are my example and I can only look forward to having them all forever....Now Aly, Amy
and Diego have come to them and the family is complete. The love they have for each other is other worldly and I stand in awe, watch and shoot some pictures. Come see :)

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  1. Oh My!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you made me cry I love you too!! and thank you guys for taking me into your family!!!! BEAUTIFUL work!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!
    Beautiful pictures you really capture all of our love!