Wednesday, January 13, 2016

2015 Year in Review

Well, it's done....I yelled "Happy New Year!" and said goodbye to 2015, one of the most challenging years of my the best, most absolute, most cohesive, somehow-lovely, way possible!... THANK-YOU for being here, for staying with me and for being such a big part of it! 
This year taught me to be more grateful for progress, more grateful for teachers and more grateful for work. (You know, the sweat and tears kind?) I traveled more than ever, attended the most incredible workshops, met incredible couples, and formed forever-lasting relationships. (You know, the kiss and hug kind.) I went back to past clients and was grateful to find that they've grown, that they were more in number and that somehow they still trusted me. YOUR TRUST. That's how this year HAPPENED, and I'm so grateful. I fell in lakes, I jumped in snow, I slept on the airplanes...I ate your food (three cheers for wedding cake!!), I climbed your mountains, and I centered you in the middle of this mad, beautiful world. YOU, because you trusted me and guess what? You made me feel free. You high-fived me with confidence and you gave me JOY. So here's to you, my clients and friends, just a peek into what you gave me wings to create in 2015. Happy New Year.